Category: Email Tips

  • Email Marketing Tips for Beginners

    E-mail marketing is an important facet of most online marketing campaigns. It is one of the few methods of low-cost marketing that can drive a huge return on investment if done properly. The beauty of e-mail marketing is that it is quite easy to start, and there are a lot of software solutions on the […]

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  • Creating and Sending Email Surveys

    E-mail surveys are tools used to interact with customers to know exactly what they think about you, your website and products. These surveys can be done through pop-ups that appear on a page when users visit, or even through emails. For conducting surveys through email, there are various email campaign software available which usually have […]

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  • How to Deal with Email Overload: 7 Tips to Manage Your Emails More Effectively

    Email management is probably one of the biggest headaches of most of the people. Cleaning up the inbox eats up most of the time with little left for productive work. Just like email communication is essential for your business, managing your email inbox efficiently is equally important. So, below I will share with you 7 […]

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